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FlashCapture is a powerful program used to catch those videos and games in flash and enjoy them later.

This is an ideal program for those who wish to have, by just clicking, the distance integration in Internet Explorer as an unfolding menu so as to have flash game and video presentations handy and forever.

Another quality of the program is that it has a system that records the contents where they are better suited. But it does not finish there. You will also be able to send the contents through e-mail.

 Key Benefits of FlashCapture:

  • Spend Less Time on Capturing
    Save Flash and video by a single click, instead of digging into Temporary Internet Files folder, and struggling with thousands of cached items.
  • Spend Less Time on Snapshot
    Taking snapshot of Flash and video by a single click, even without leaving IE.
  • Keep Flash and Video Permanently
    Keep a local copy of Flash and video to prevent the web site from deleting it.
  • Watch Flash and Video at Anytime
    Using the built in player to playback Flash and video at anytime, even offline.
Key Features of FlashCapture:
  • One-click save Flash (.SWF).
  • Search and save Flash (.SWF) by visually browsing IE cache.
  • Save multiple Flash in one batch.
  • One-click save video (.FLV) for following web site:
    • www.youtube.com
    • video.google.com
    • www.dailymotion.com
    • www.myspace.com
    • www.vidmax.com
    • www.tetesaclaques.tv
  • Search and save video (.FLV) by visually browsing IE cache.
  • Auto hide floating button after a specified time, to avoid covering the Flash content.
  • Flick the board of the active Flash.
  • Cleaning IE cache items.
  • Manage saved Flash and video through categories.
  • Built in player to playback the Flash and video.


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